Study: Schizophrenia Pops In The Memory Genes.

Schizophrenia is a severe and complex mental disorder affecting almost 1 % of  the human population. It can be inherited or caused by genetic mutations. It can be present from childhood but usually its diagnosed in early teens.

For patients who have not inherited the disease, recent study has revealed the fact that the disorder pops up in
the memory genes. Study has also identified many risk factors and summarizing that its not the single gene whose mutation causes schizophrenia.
Univeristy of Edinburgh laboratory discovered many proteins linked to memory and learning. A professor of same university Seth Grant, expressed surprise on how these genes can be linked to behavioral problem. He says, “Although it has been known for some time that DNA mutations predispose individuals to the development of schizophrenia, it has remained a puzzle as to how these genes cause behavioral problems. The surprising finding was that DNA mutations that cause schizophrenia are interfering with the same proteins in the molecular machinery that controls learning and memory. The findings will help research into new drug therapies and in developing new diagnostic tests.”


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