SAM Daily Times is an honour we just can't forsake. It has grown within us and it has grown beyond us.

Everyday's hard !

Every moment is so cumbersome for us as students. The newspaper must be published on time. Every single day. 365 days of the year.

We battle waking up. We battle university assignments. We battle errands. We battle social life and we battle our worst sides to produce.

SAM Daily Times for you. On time and in great quality. So beautiful a dream.

We moan, we whine, we scream ! We do this regularly between ourselves. But we pick up the pieces, make-up, and never give in. All of us have grown so much in so short a time.

The Editor, Haleemah, at times, dove tails. Rabia Sultan cushions her falls and nurses her back into the ring. Maryam Sultan is our hidden asset. If she evolves a rise, we shall witness a very high class work. She remains a snow-flake but we never give up on her.

But when Rabia Sultan plays war drums, DK is always there with her sacrifices, strengths, and devotion to great work.

Hussain Ali remains a ROCK with his sterling quality performance. Never wavering in pursuit of more responsibilities. Ali Zahid has come of age, gaining new stature with every moment. Sameen Fatima never lets go of the rope , getting steadier by the minute.

This whole platform is held steady by the devotion and high quality writing that Sarah Mahmood brings to SAM Daily Times. She is the backbone.

We all learnt the sublime art of Unity, Faith, Discipline & Smart Hardwork at SAM Daily Times - "The Voice of the Voiceless"


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