Revolutionize Yourselves!

 Sarah Mahmood

Bomb blasts, regional instabilities, law of the jungle, religious fanaticism and alas, the common man! These are the issues indeed that everyone professes to feel for, whether it be a real parliamentary debate, a current affairs show or simply a Model United Nations! However, what we all forget is that it is no longer simple eloquence that is actually going to bring about the change we all so clearly want. It requires patience, tolerance, perseverance, purity of heart and indeed hard work!
The rulers are from amongst us, no different from each and every one of us. Thus, why the outrage, when we ourselves are not willing to change! We need to ponder and reflect on an individual basis to see where we ourselves have gone wrong. Only then can we hope for a 'clean revolution', something we can easily expect to last. Otherwise it is only a matter of changed faces; gone one, comes another, gone another, comes one!


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