Potato Chips INVENTION - Practical Joke Backfired

How Potato Chips or french fries were introduced in the history  in 1853 by George Crum a native American cook at resort in Saratoga Springs, New York was a funny event. A guest complained that Crum had cooked  very thick potato fries. In etaliation, Crum sliced the potatoes paper thin and fried them for the guest.
The practical joke backfired and guest loved the new dish very much. Soon it became famous 'Saratoga Chips', and the new dish became a staple at the restaurant.

Other restuarants in the eastern US borrowed the idea and it started becoming a popular dish at restaurants. William Tappenden of Cleveland, Ohio, started the first potato-chip factory in a converted barn in Cleveland.

Marsha McNeil Sherman, Technical Director of the US Snack Food Association, explains: “Generally, more of the solids’ content is concentrated near the surface layers of the potato from the peel to the center. Frying is a drying process, which means potatoes with a very high water content require more time and energy to cook then potatoes with a high solids content. The area of the slice with less moisture will fry faster then the area with more moisture. Therefore, the edges of the slice will fry faster then the middle and will curl.”


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