Physical Activity Improves Overall Quality of Sleep

A recent studies suggest of certain significantly positive impacts of exercise over sleep patterns and alertness levels. A 150 minutes of exercise is usually recommended.

The researchers sampled a total of 2600 people (from both genders) between the ages of 18-85 and the result was that, proper, sufficient exercise had improved the overall sleep qualities by 65%.
The ones who had exercised regularly also reported to have felt more active during day time.

"We were using the physical activity guidelines set forth for cardiovascular health, but it appears that those guidelines might have a spillover effect to other areas of health," said Brad Cardinal, a professor of exercise science at Oregon State University and one of the study's authors.
"Increasingly, the scientific evidence is encouraging as regular physical activity may serve as a non-pharmaceutical alternative to improve sleep."

While explaining the research results Cardinal continued. "There are trade-offs. It may be easier when you are tired to skip the workout and go to sleep, but it may be beneficial for your long-term health to make the hard decision and get your exercise." He referred to the risks that exercise poses towards heart.

Reference :Science Daily


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