Pensive : Think!

By Sarah Mahmood

Well of course he's right. Every word and every sentence that he utters is absolutely correct. He is simply flawless. He never can be wrong, you know. And who is HE? He is the wonderful, phenomenal, my ideal, your ideal, Mr. All-Perfect! I follow everything that he says. He's just what we needed. A truly inspirational leader. But do you know that he uses insulting words for those who are in conflict with him? Well , he should because they are corrupt and dishonest and certainly deserve that!

How many of us have been in love with such inspirational characters to the extent of worshipping them. They are our ideals -- we follow each and every thing they utter. But we forget one thing; that they are human. Like you and me. They can mistakes and we have no business justifying those. True, they are inspirational and motivating, and have a certain edge above us in terms of habits and personality. But that's just it. Follow them where they are correct. But how to get the eye to see through the rights and wrongs? Well, this can only be achieved after we have decided that WE ARE NOT GOING TO FOLLOW THEM BLINDLY. We are going to think first and then act. We are going to adopt good habits from everyone and reject bad ones. We are not going to justify anyone's mistakes, and we are not going to make those a topic for ridicule either.


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