Pensive : Having Fun At The Expense Of Others

Remember the teacher who has real issues pronouncing 'some-particular-word' correctly. Hahaha. Remember the guy on t.v. who has a weird accent. Hahaha. Remember the girl who wore that stupid dress to the party...mate she's gonna be the end of me. Hahaha.

Remember the person who sits there free as a beggar doing nothing but passing comments on people least concerned about him. Hahaha. See who's ridiculous?

What is it about ridiculing others that attracts us all? Okay I understand the thing about it being an amusing-enough pastime. But then is that it? We stoop so low just to pass our time! Well, that indeed, is a sad state of affairs. Ridiculing others is a filthy act, something that a person who has other, more useful stuff to do wouldn't even think of doing. Many would refrain simply because it is unethical; you are having fun at the expense of someone else's self-respect.

Here's an advice: next time you think of ridiculing someone, look for a better pursuit to keep you busy.


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