Pensive: Fault-Finding

By Sarah Mahmood

We are God's angelic manifestations on earth. Flaws we don't have; mistakes we cannot make. Somehow, everything that we do is justifiable and that sets things right, now doesn't it? Everyone else however, is an embodiment of various faults and flaws and their sins are unforgivable. Why? Because we, I must say, are extremely principled!

The whole scenario is cruelly humorous. Unfortunately, we are all extremely well-accustomed to feeling this way and taking the actions that succeed. We very rarely stop to think about where we may have gone wrong in any particular situation. Any argument, any conflict, any fight, and we are always in the right. Even under normal circumstances we tend to be the epitome of goodness and righteousness while others are to be blamed.

Let's consider changing this attitude and see if it helps us become better social animals. Good luck!


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