Pensive: The Ethics of Ragging

By Sarah Mahmood

We all love to exploit our positions. Whatever capacities we may be in, the feeling of being the 'Boss' is something we all cherish. Thus why would our college seniors let go of the opportunity to knock the wind outta the 'ickle firsties'!
Ever tried ragging at college? Must have, seeing the authority it gives us over the rest. We can scream at the poor freshmen. We can scold them at the top of our voices. We can make them do whatever we feel like. In short, we can have all the nonsensical fun in the world at the expense of their self-respect. The heavenly feeling that we get when we make them do whatever we feel like is inexplicable. And yet we all remain ignorant of one simple fact, that no one on earth has the right to make you do what they feel like without any plausible reason (sure, the law exists, but then that's where the plausibility comes in!). Similarly, you are simply not duty-bound to do anyone's 'dirty' bidding. So, the next time you are not in the mood to 'get' ragged, tell them, with all due respect that their position commands, that they should mind their own business!


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