Pensive:  I AM NOT HAPPY !!! 

"Societies are shaped by its discontent."
Sigmund Freud

Most of us always need to have the world behave according to our wishes.
We never grown up and still live with childish demands. Whenever people fail to act according to our selfish wishes, we are unhappy.We can then never learn from life's challenges. 
Our self-degrading and complaining attitude determines how much of negative thinkers we are. We certainly can't be happy and complaining at the same time. When we are thinking negative, we are avoiding everything good around us and programming ourselves for failure. We become our worst enemies, believing in vain to be rescued from our own attitude by someone else. But it never works like that! We want to harm ourselves and motivation, we lose for sure! What we don't realize is that we are spreading gloom around us when we should be contributing  in the happiness of this short world!

Negative thinking is a rust to the iron-like human personality. So let's try to curb this dangerous disease.


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