Fighting Winter Depressions!

Feeling low!! Unknown depressions taking you over? Don't worry you can fight it.
As the weather changes, many students start feeling low and blue. This is very normal in changing weather but becoming a victim of it is not really a good idea! You can help yourself most of all to get out of it. Below are few dos and don'ts to fight winter blues.

  • DON'T oversleep. This can lower natural energies and you can most easily fall victim of depressions.
  • DO exercise. It will help you keep the spirits high. Take a walk in sunny day.
  • DON'T stay in so much and do gEt out with friends. Not socializing can contribute so much to depressions.
  • DON'T take extra 'Sweet Foods' like chocolates, pastries etc. They at times become craving in winters but hold back and control your diet. Its important for you to stay healthy.
  • DO eat foods with Vitamin D and Proteins. They will help you fight fatigue.
  • DON'T keep your room dark. Even if you feel lethargic, get up and try to work. Extra darkness can have negative effects.
  • DON'T try to tell and prove to everybody that you are depressed. It will go away sooner and you are not the only one suffering  it.
  • DO take proper counselling  if you are unable to cope up.

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