Music and Technology, HTML 5

With HTML5, music is making a comeback on the web. Create amazing musical experiences where adding an audio file is as simple as inserting an image and users have the ability to play music outside of a browser. The introduction of the "audio" tag eliminates the need for external music players, allowing for true integration of sound in your website. Developers will no longer require web surfers to use special players like Adobe Flash, Apple QuickTime or Microsoft Windows Media Player. That means users won’t have to worry about having the latest compatible plug-in (or any player plug-in at all). They can just open their favorite browser and listen to anything that makes a sound — music, audio books, FX sound effects or recorded messages from friends and family.

Music videos are getting more and more interactive and, subsequently, more and more cool. That fact is due to the preponderance of new tech, but, probably most strikingly, recent experiments with HTML5. (HTML5 is a language for presenting content online.) From videos like “The Johnny Cash Project” to Michael Jackson’s “Behind the Mask” to Danger Mouse, Daniele Luppi and Norah Jones’ “Three Dreams of Black,” users are able to mess around and play with videos in more interesting ways than ever before.


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