Move your Body, Mend your Mind

According to a study, diabetes patients are at a risk of losing their memory too! With millions of people facing a risk of diabetes that is a lot of lost brainpower..

Researchers at the NewYork University School of medicine investigated a  sample of 30 people and found out that those with low sugar levels ( pre-diabetes) also had a smaller hippocampus (area of brain crucial to memory).

"When you are trying to remember something, that part of the brain uses up a lot of blood sugar", says study author Antonio Convit. So when these people cant remember something it may be because they cant compensate for this dip. Over time, the inadequate supply of blood sugar may cause the hippocampus to shrink.

The GOOD NEWS is, that exercise and weight loss improve the body's ability to regulate glucose, lowering your risk for Type 2 diabetes and thereby improving memories as well!!MOve


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