Made in tuscany (Opificio Jm), by John Malkovich

John Gavin Malkovich, a 57 year old American actor, producer, director and fashion designer has set up a temporary store called Opificio Jm in Italy.

Opificio Jm, is a new concept store dedicated to Tuscan and Italian excellence that has just opened its doors In Milan’s highly central via Sant’Andrea. The result is the project partnered by several Tuscan entrepreneurs and actor, director John Malkovich who is famed for his eclectic style, launched his fashion label Technobohemian in 2009, which includes men’s apparel and accessories.

This Opificio Jm temporary store is open until December 31, and is offering items of clothing, wine and gastronomic products, furnishings and jewellery and also Technobohemian, the elegant line of men’s clothing and accessories signed by Malkovich himself.


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