Light Pollution:Getting Rid of It!

Haleemah Zia

Light Pollution, as defined by Wikipedia is " excessive or obtrusive artificial light".Any Lighting source or system that disturbs  environmental peace contributes to Light Pollution.If I am up in the night with all switches on and any light penetrates outside my house and reaches the streets or neighbour's territory , then I am a culprit!

Recently National Geographic published an article which suggests certain measures to help humans eradicate this problem.Usage of Light only between necessary timings and efficient design of lighting system are two of the important advices presented.
The first one, it suggests , can be aided through certain technology gadgets such as Dimmer Switches, Motion Sensors or timers.The main purpose is to switch on any artificial lights only when time imposes its need!

The second one, which I personally found very important, refers to the usage of Shielded fixtures and low-wattage bulbs etc.Light that is scattered too much not only degrades quality but  wastes resources as well, hence producing light pollution!


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