How Poverty Affects Innovation

Maryam Javed (RJ Momo)
RJ, Teacher & Friend

"The face tells the reason of death is starvation and you say he ate something to die?"

crushed by elephantWe  have recently been talking and listening about the recession period going all around the
 world .Generally speaking, it has affected the complete world but,to be more specific,fully developed Countries 
 like America, London , KSA and UAE have still been able to make out proper plans to fight with the crisis.On the 
 other hand, less developed countries, mainly those with around 60 % of population being a victim of poverty  
 have got suppressed under this crisis really bad .

Even if I talk about my own country, Pakistan , around 16,000 people  have committed suicide,90% of these being out of poverty frustration.

The fact is that a poor man's brain is always so much occupied with poverty crisis that one can not even think of any healthy, innovating thought arising there. All day long, he is worried of his starving kids and family, how will they survive? how to get them proper healthy, up to quality life? Will they ever be able to get educated?? and so on... These thoughts constantly bug his mind, ultimately making him unproductive for the society , he can not think indicatively for the betterment of the whole, that is.


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