Green House Gases Levels Calculated
Even If We Halt Emission Of Carbon Dioxide Gas Completely
Effects of Gases Present In Atmosphere Now Will Last For Many Decades

World Meteorological Organization (WMO) recorded the level of dangerous gases in the atmosphere, the most dangerous three gases carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, were recorded to be most prevailing in the atmosphere.
Amount of gases recorded and analysed shows that even considering the most ideal situation (which is nearly impossible) would be that we halt emission of these gases completely. And if we manage to achieve that, effects of these gases will stay in the atmosphere for many generations to come. Hydrofluorocarbons also potent green house gases present in small amount are also increasing rapidly. This is an alarming situation and a real moment for whole world to get together to reduce the temperature on earth for the love of planet  and for many generations.
Recent records shows that main green house gas Carbon Dioxide's level is 389ppm which rose 2ppm in 2010 Scientists say that if the 'global average temperate rise'  is to be brought down below 2 degree Celsius, emission volumes must not have more than 450ppm of carbon dioxide.


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