Fake Jailbreaking App in App Store Fools Many!

Apple has a very strict policy when it comes to Jail Breaking. Apple has discouraged the practice since its beginning and has been releasing patches continuously to fix this problem. Although it seems un- fixable but Apple has not budged on its policy at all.

Now with all this opposition to the jail breaking practice, can you ever imagine that Apple would allow an app in the App Store that claims that it will jailbreak your iPhone? The answer is definitely no! But strangely enough, it was seen that an application named 'Jailbreak' was admitted to the official app store. It costed $9.99 and claimed that it could jailbreak your iDevices.

What came as a disappointment to some buyers was the fact that the said app did not perform the function it promised and turned out to be a low quality 2D scrolling game. Although, the game got mixed review from down loaders  many asked Apple for refund.

As all Apple fans would know, Apple never refunds anything. However, the app description was changed but after some time, the app was removed from the App Store. Here is a screen shot of the description;

The funny thing is, if you read this, keeping in mind that this app is not meant for jailbreaking, the description wont seem wrong at all! Besides, no Apple fan who knows jail breaking can be done in minutes for free, would never pay $9.99 for a jail breaking app!


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