Edualert: Pioneer in student-teacher-parent trio dynamics

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, India -- Developed by three IT professionals in Kerala, the software called Edualert promises to bring a real change in the dynamics of the teacher-parent-student troika.

The software features an interesting set of activities. It can identify the 'right' career for your child, inform you when he's 'doing a bunk', and tell you his test scores.

With most kids opting unwillingly for one out of the two professions of medicine and engineering under pressure from parents, Edualert would give suggestions based on the child's performance and abilities, records of which would be saved in its database right from the first grade.

Centralized system of taking attendance would cause an SMS to be generated and sent to the parents of the absentees. Similarly, parents would also be notified about the performance of their kids as soon as the latter get their results, via an SMS alert.


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