Change the 'oh-so trivial' attitude!

By Sarah Mahmood

Well of course stating the mere 'fact' that you had a lot of fun when you actually did not is not really a lie. No one's going to open a record-book nor is anyone going to push you for further information. But what is your personality developing into, when you cannot even face a situation as trivial as that with complete honesty?

All of us have had our 'small-lie' moments. And most of us haven't even looked back upon them as anything immoral. They are what we do daily; in our exaggerated accounts of friends' parties, in the excuses presented to the teacher for not sitting in the class and in debates to prove ourselves right. But let's begin the day today with a new promise to ourselves, that we will build our personality on the fundamentals of truthfulness and strive hard to maintain honesty in all circles of life.


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