Assess Your Heart Risks

A global study led by researchers from McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada revealed that instead of the usual Body Mass Index ( BMI ) test  (which is usually done for analysing heart attack risks), BODY GIRTH is a much more accurate predictor. The study included a sample of 27,000 people from 52 different countries and which concluded that 'waist-to-hip' ratio is three times stronger a predictor of heart attack risk than the BMI.

Someone with an ideal BMI would be at increased risk if they had a paunch, while some people with a high BMI may not be at high risk if their waist is small. In fact the researchers found out that BMI was only slightly higher in HEART-ATTACK patients than other/healthier people.

By contrast, HEART ATTACK patients had a strikingly higher waist-to-hip ratio, regardless of their age or other risk factors such as smoking or high blodd pressure. The findings were declared true for all, regardless of age,sex or race.

Data collected from RD ASIA


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