Apple is Environment Friendly

Coming in green, black and white colours, Apple designs are environment friendly, says the company. The Official Web page reports : "Apple reports environmental impact comprehensively. We do this by focusing on our products: what happens when we design them, what happens when we make them, and what happens when you take them home and use them."

Apple assessed its carbon footprint for the year 2010 which was announced to be 14.8 million metric tons of green house gas emissions.When the products look and features were improved by Steve Jobs, with renewed lighter, thinner and smaller designs, it was also intentionally made more eco- friendly. For example, The latest developed 21.5-inch iMac is more powerful,has a much larger screen than its predecessor, 15-inch iMac, yet it has 50 percent less material and generates half the emissions".

Reducing the materials reduced packaging demands and hence decreases C02 emissions. This was especially considered by the company. For example in the manufacturing of iPhone 4 it has specially been made 42 percent smaller than the one which was shipped in 2007. This means an 80% increase in the number of iPhone 4 boxes that the shipping pallet can hold. This shall lead to fewer usage of boats and planes for transportation and hence lesser C02 emissions.

The mini Mac of Apple consumes even less than power than a 13-watt CFL light bulb, according to the company itself.



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