The World is my classroom

Aleena Khan
Asst. Editor, SAM Daily Times

The first potent instinct that hit me was that the topic is bit too cliché. How can ‘my world’ be confined to a class room?! But then as Albert Einstein said “The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible.” Well that adds on to the mystery of an individual’s world.
            I opened my eyes to a loving sweet family that I call my little universe.  I follow the norms and ethics that I was given by this very family--but a day comes when we are ready to know the real world and one is not alone in this ‘voyage de World’. Rather we are accompanied by a new family that we call our classroom…a world of our own, a world that is made by us and our friends together. “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.”--Buddha 
            A Classroom is an amalgamation of people from different origins and brought up. In my case I have even had the privilege of having class fellows from around the world; a multicultural class. First day in all my class rooms that I attended were as if I have been shoved among strangers, surrounded by completely indifferent attitudes but as the time passes these people are not strangers anymore. An invisible force of love, a string of care binds us all together. We don’t realize about this attachment until we get away from our friends due to some unfortunate event.

The class mates are those with whom we would compete for better learning, argue on petty issues just to get their attention, have fun, share moments of uncontrollable laughter and even fight that would eventually end in sobbing heads and mates hugging for acting mean. All these and many more moments, though imperceptible but make our little world. This world is full of cherishable little moments that we shared and precious memories of the lovely time spent together.
            A class room consists of all kinds of people, its not necessary that one loves all of them—ofcourse its close to impossible but what lies a fact  is that one cannot loathe any person of their class room. Class room is a mere noun that itself is an expressionless conjunction of two words. But what really define a class room is the people in it. Rather the ambience maintained by the people of a class. The environment could be a friendly one or a reserved one but what stays common in all genres is the peculiar bonding among all the fellows that unite them into a single class—a unique group of their own.
 Love, friendship and care is that language that never goes “out of style”, everybody experiences it. The bond that one shares with the class is that of strong unconditional love. And its all because within a class room there are no differences among class fellows on the basis of gender, race, origin or class. They all sit together without any discrimination, they study and gain knowledge about the world that is alien to them once they step out of their sweet world of their class room. All fellows have respect for one another and they spend time as one small family.
Only if we all could extend the boundaries of the concept ‘class room’ to this whole world then as a one big loving family we would all be at peace since When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”—Jimi Hendrix.


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