Ramen, A very serious dish

Ramen, a Japanese Dish may spend a lifetime to perfect.

This Chinese-Origin dish took off in Japan after World War 2 when low cost flour was readily available in Japan. 60 years ago it was called Shina Shoba in Japan which means China noodles.

Even ramen etiquette is a bit specific – slurping is not only allowed but expected (it cools the soup which is generally served at boiling hot temperatures); you must only use the spoon for your broth or you can drink it by lifting the bowl to your mouth; chopsticks are for the noodles, bits of meat and vegetables; do not leave your chopsticks stuck down into the bowl (this represents a funeral ritual in Japan). How can something so basic be wrapped in so much preciousness you ask? Well this is the beauty of all things Japanese – there is a distinct intentionality for all actions and a serious respect for all ingredients and dishes no matter how simple.


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