Protests in USA enter 3rd week

Protests are being held in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Pittsburg and other cities against corporation in USA, specially the government bailouts of big Wall Street institutions, joblessness, student debt, global warming, police brutality: these are just for a start.
In New York, the protesters initially set out to occupy Wall Street but were rebuffed by police. Instead, the group set up in a nearby park, keeping the "Occupy Wall Street" moniker. The spread to other cities appears largely organic—the protests don't have a central organizer—and the idea came from a Canadian magazine and grew on social media websites.
Those protesting in New York have been circulating a list of grievances, most of which are aimed at corporations that they say are too powerful and often unethical. Among the complaints: bank executives received "exorbitant" bonuses not long after receiving taxpayer bailouts and companies have "poisoned the food supply through negligence" and "continuously sought to strip employees of the right to negotiate better pay and safer working conditions."
Activists have begun organizing outside the U.S., including in Prague, Melbourne and Montreal.
Many of the protesters are young. Joblessness seems to be a persistent theme. A blog that has become popular has pictures of people's faces next to stories of economic woe and messages of support for the protesters.
It's unclear how long the protests will last, or whether they will take hold in the other cities on par with the New York protests. Like the initial stage of the New York protest, much of the activity in the offshoot cities is still taking place online on Facebook.
"I'm a semi-disabled 58 yr old granny with little or no transportation but whenever it is decided on date & place for OUR rally, I will do my darnedest to be there!" wrote a woman name Marilyn McCarty on the Facebook page for a Birmingham, Ala., occupation, which does not yet have a set date or time.


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