Hugh Jackman KOs George Clooney At Box Office

"Real Steel" was the clear victor at the box office this weekend. The action-packed robot-boxing movie took in $27.3 million, according to studio estimates, which easily bested the rest of the flicks in theaters, both new and old.

Of course, the contest wasn't exactly along the lines of George Foreman vs. Muhammad Ali. Industry watchers long suspected the mass audience appeal of "Real Steel" to beat the suspenseful nature of George Clooney's "The Ides of March."

"Real Steel" features Hugh Jackman opposite Dakota Goyo, a generally relatable 11-year-old. It features effects-heavy action, a family story and big thrills aimed at a broad audience. It was also executive-produced by Steven Spielberg. DreamWorks will undoubtedly continue to campaign hard for "Real Steel," considering its estimated $110 million budget.


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