How I saw flood!!

Aasma Hashim
Sanghar city, District Sanghar 

                             Starting August 18th, 2011, continuous heavy rains have devastated many districts of lower Sindh. This is the worst flood disaster in the history of Sindh. About 5.74 millions of people in different districts of the province have been affected and tens of thousands have lost their homes in this region. Thousands of mud homes have been destroyed. About 3 lac cattle died due to different diseases. Thousands of men, women and children are starving from hunger.
Flood in Sanghar city:
           9th and 10th September was the unforgettable days of my life, continuous heavy rain started from 9th  September  2pm till 10th September 4pm. This rain has flooded my Sanghar city and my village. Drainage system is totally damaged by this rain and the main Nara canal was broken due to which many villages have devastated. People started migrating from Sanghar to other cities, even my own family has been shifted to Hyderabad.  Still flood water is there in streets, colleges, schools and everywhere. School, colleges are closed and all students are having problems regarding their education.
Other than education and food problems many fields have also been destroyed due to heavy flood. Health problems are very severe. Many children have died because of diarrhea caused due to drinking contaminated water. 


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