GCU Lahore reduces university fee by 23 percent

Lahore: GCU Vice Chancellor Dr. Prof. Khaleeq-ur-Rahman said "the ongoing economic crunch is affecting the budgets of all public-sector universities but it does not anyway mean that the financial deficit is covered from the students. "Students and faculty members are my top priorities and I would take all necessary steps to facilitate them as per the government instructions,"
Hope others will follow his considerate thinking as he also made this an example by reducing the fee for the first time in 148-year A standing ovation in regard of his decision!!

During this era of rising inflation in pakistan nobody could expect such a news.Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Khaleeq-ur-Rahman is honoured to set an example by making such an examplary decision about slashing the university fee by 23 percent to facilitate students.A notification of revised fee schedule has been issued providing enormous financial relief to more than 6,500 students of the GC University Lahore from intermediate to postgraduate level.He not only provided this facility for academic fee but hostel dues have already been reduced by 35%.


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