Coolest Cases for iPhone 4s!

Two days ago Apple held an event where they introduced the new iPhone variant. iPhone 4S was expected to be released and now we have witnessed its launch. Many people expected that Apple might release iPhone 5 which will  be completely redesigned externally from the previous iPhone but Apple decided to go with the design of iPhone 4 and made significant updates in internal hardware and software of the device.

So, it looks like many of you will be looking forward for this latest device and it is obvious that you will need a case for the device too. Here are some cases of iPhone 4S probably the best out there. Take a quick look at them.

Grove Artist Series Case:

You will get a feeling from this case just like you have touched a polished wooden piece. All of the users having more of an artistic taste will love this a lot. It is available now and comes with features which are customizable with a two piece slider layout to protect the device. This case is made by using bamboo sticks. Black color bezel is also placed in it for the protection of your phone front from any damage. You can follow this link to purchase this case:

iSkin Revo 4 Case:

This case comes with a double tone and good looking design. From the picture you can see how well it is made by its makers. It makes your iPhone more easy to use and protection also. Charging port would also be provided protection by this case and the lid covers the port protecting it from dust and liquids. It is available in two colors from which you can choose and body made up of hard plastic. This case also has Visually Intact Solid Optical Resin which covers the screen and protects it. You can get this case from this link:

The Arty Gelaskins Case:
Gelaskins is a sort of case which gives a beautiful mixture of colors splattered on it just like an artist would do. In addition to its beauty it also has a hard plastic body to protect the phone from any sort of damage. Once this case is on your phone you will certainly find it useful and like its colorful looks. Following link can be used to get this beautiful case:

Alu-Leather Case:

This case gives both great look and protection to your iPhone. A flip cover is also there which will be useful, so, when not in use you can hide the screen by this soft cover which would prevent any damage to the screen as compared to other hard covers. All the ports sides and camera remain uncovered. To purchase this strong case go to the following link:

The Enamored Whale:

Combination of a whale and a heart just look great in this case. Hard plastic one but you can get it in lesser price of $14.95. It can be customized. It is only 1 mm wide. It gives a smooth feeling and also it is scratch resistant. To get this:



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