Bert Jansch, The Folk Music Legend Had Passed Away

 Bert Jansch , a popular name among folk legends lost his battle against cancer and has passed away in North London at the age of 67

. Bert was born in Glasgow in 1943 and became known publicly in the 1960s. All his life, Bert had releaseed 25 albums and became a source of inspiration for many musicians including Paul Simon and Neil Young

Bert's health condition declined since last September. At that time he had to cancel the concert which was to be held in Edinburgh owing to his physical condition .

Previously, Bert had launched an album with a titleThe Black Swan’ in 2006 even though he had to fight cancer at the time.

Since 2005 Bert Jansch’s health conditions declined drastically. After he was absent for a couple of years, Bert began to go up the stage again with Neil Young and Eric Clapton in 2010.


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