1984- George Orwell

1984, written by George Orwell talks about Oceania, a totalitarian state created by the 'Party', where everyone is monitored all day round by the formidable 'telescreens'. Professing to do good for the public, the 'Party' controls the minds and actions of the people, where 'thoughtcrime' is punishable by law. The world is perpetually at war, with the three states that it is now divided in, Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia, changing sides every now and then.
Winston Smith works for the 'Party' but is guilty of 'thoughtcrime'. While still in his right mind, he commits the unforgivable sin of falling in love, rebelling against the ideology of the 'Party', that could lead to his destruction. What happens next is for you to find out.
In this engrossing tale of crippled humanity, George Orwell puts forward words of caution for us to heed. A must-read!


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