Walk held in Islamabad

While observing the International Literacy Day on September,8th, SEW (Society for Educational Welfare) organised a walk in Islamabad,with the aim of raising voice for promotion of Education and elimination of illiteracy in Pakistan. Students from schools run by SEW gathered outside National Press Club and put forward their needs and sufferings.People from all walks of life were present on the occasion, including members from Sha oor The Society.

A similar walk was organised by NHCD (National Commission for Human Development) in the capital city, again,from China Chowk to D-Chowk. Dr Nafeesa Shah, Chairperson NHCD,present on the occasion, emphasized upon the present literacy rate of Pakistan being one of the very least throughout the world. She said half our population cannot even read and write their names properly.

SAM prays for these figures to drop down and promises hardwork to achieve the mission.


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