Joining MCS Tomorrow??

Muneeb Khan
Student, SAM Daily Times Contributor

Having ‘dealt’ with GCs, I think its high time we should turn our attention towards NUST Cadets (or NUST Students, as the new terminology states :P ). However, it is a little damping that no lavish arrangements are under their way as they were for the GCs. But my dear NS, you are no match to those GCs, aren’t you? ;)
The usual sequence of events includes the registration procedure on the first day. Although it would be my 4th time for this registration but I always intend to forget something or other. Here are a few tips for you:
  1. Keep your documents handy in a file/folder.
  2. Do NOT forget to bring your own ballpoint.
  3. You MUST remember your NUST Roll no.
  4. you must have ALL the documents (by all, I MEAN all)
  5. Although the photocopy shop is just around the corner you better have excessive photocopies of everything, because it could become very crowded at times, and not to mention two hours load shedding starting exactly at 9 am. :D
  6. Do have something flat on which you can fill the forms.
After filling in the forms you are almost free for the rest of day, unless you have to deal with the hostel issues. Thanks to H12, all the hostel are shifted so you are probably going to stay in a make shift hostel for a week or so, then you would be shifted to H12. I sincerely hope for your sake that you have been wise enough to secure a room in hostel by now! *Sinister Laughter*

The next two or three days the college administration usually provides orientation sessions on everything under the sun. However as the session is starting late this year, so I supposed the college will have to contend themselves to a single orientation lecture or may have to do without it. Poor blokes! It all goes whoosh over their head missing by a couple of feet. Personally, I would have sneaked out of the auditorium to get a juice or a samosa, but I would not recommend you to do so; ragging.
Coming to the most important of all, Ragging or fooling. Despite the explicit orders of Director Academics, NUST a few cases have been reported of fooling. I therefore advise you not to be offensive to your seniors (after all you are going to need them for the rest three years) but in case you feel it’s getting out of hand just simply walk away.
But there are other problems you are gonna face as well, “classes.” Your timetable is ready and teachers are dying to teach you. It is my general observation that you would be having your classes from day one. So maybe you do not have time for all this fooling nonsense.

Well other than that we also have a few arrangements made ready for you, do not wanna spoil the fun by telling here. So see you at MCS! ;)


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