Mehak Tariq
Student, Contributor SAM Daily Times

Independence Shackled

It is said that the view from above is the most clear. It really is not so. When you observe from the same level you see how it REALLY is without the perceptions fogging your vision. So when I speak of our youth I say it as it is because I see it right exactly where it is being a part, however disturbed by the state, of the masses.

This is not a lecture nor is it another “how bad we are” but just something which might, for some of you readers, be a point on which you might think about and build upon it.

The long and short of our current state, as the Youth of Pakistan is dependency. We are like a huge ocean of obsolete ideas and blindly acquired tumult of information. I say blindly because we take it in as it comes. Do we pause to think that what comes across us will not leave our system? A human mind is many things but not a filter. What enters is internalized and becomes a part of the being we are. And the beings we are today are not what were ordained by our creator Almighty.

This is rolling to be what I said it would not be - a prophecy of doom. Having said that, it is not all doom. Nothing is lost as yet, however we have to remain mindful that it will be if nothing is done soon.

The prime foundation of the solution is change. Change the thought process; change the perspective-change how we look at life. Most of us simply let our prime fade away in wait of something to happen to us for our dreams to be realized. Why is this dependency so eminent in everything that we do? True that it has been handed down to us but surely we can refuse the hand-me-downs to don something which reflects development in its true form, developing to be better human beings.

A consequence of today’s youth’s dependency is unemployment. I know it is a huge claim to make but I do not say that is the only solution but it is a starting point. We insist on looking for a job” where instead we could be “creating jobs” not only for our sustenance but for those who do not have the professional muscles we have. The Entrepreneurial mind set is sniffing around but there is no one to garb that golden spaniel! Why? Because we have been brought up in the lap of unimaginable luxury and we are not prepared to leave that for a road that will have ups and a fair share of downs. Nothing will be served in a silver platter and why should it? Why should we eat of that earned by some others hands? I could (and I am sure you could too) pose millions of these questions but we all have heard those questions before. Now is the time to get up. Just start by that!!!

There are multiple “ways forward”. Most of which are rather bookish but a young mind has that luscious ability to be creative. We look to the west and see enormous successes which have stories just like us. Then what is the difference? The answer is the crux of what I have been beating about; ‘the will to do’.

Let us get up from the brocade ottomans and make something of ourselves. Let us wipe out the identity of ‘jelly fishes’ to something substantial and long lasting. Let us create for ourselves by ourselves, let us unite to make this nation one of the greatest, time has ever seen. Let each one of us go down in history. Let us make it so that the day we die, we die smiling that we leave behind the imprint of having done something-some little thing to contribute to the unremitting change to follow for time immeasurable.   



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