A charitable nation we are

The article caught my eye while exploring The Express Tribune just for some fresh news. Touched by the incident, recollecting which the writer begins with,  SAM Daily Times publishes and shares it with its own readers.After all, the writer has complained;"There is so much good in Pakistan which goes unreported."

I had a very good experience recently which made me realise there is so much good in Pakistan which goes unreported. I was visiting the McDonald’s restaurant on Tariq Road in Karachi and on my way out, I came across a family with four children, the eldest probably around 10.

I fell in step with them and the minute we left the restaurant, a crowd of beggars surrounded us. While I brushed them aside, the four children who each carried a Happy Meal box, readily handed them over to the beggars —who were also children.

Since I was standing with them, I couldn’t help but commend to the children’s father that he has such wonderful kids. His answer impressed me:
“Teaching your children right from day one is important as their observation powers are far sharper than of any adult. Along with manners, teach them good habits today, they will be better Pakistanis tomorrow.”
I am a very curious person by nature. When something arouses my interest, I need to learn more and talk about it. I Googled to see where Pakistan stands in philanthropy.
I was amazed by the result.

According to a 2009 corporate report of Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP), the corporate sector alone had donated Rs2.35 billion in that year.
Pakistan is considered amongst one of the most charitable nations in the world. An undated article that I came across by a fellow-journalist Khadeeja Balkhi noted that in 2000, Pakistani individuals had given Rs67.7 billion in charity. Eleven years down the line, I don’t think I can even estimate where that figure must have reached.
Moreover, the article also said:
“The PCP’s pioneering study in 1998 showed that total giving by individuals was equivalent to 17 per cent of the year’s national revenue.”
We have more than 21 respected charity organisations and Abdul Sattar Edhi’s name is synonymous with charity all over the world.

I was left with one thought after all my research. I have never ever felt prouder of being a Pakistani than I am today.


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