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VOICES OF THE FUTURE : The Students of Proud Pakistan, and even the world's, endowed and bestowed upon me the greatest of every honor.

I am eternally grateful and hope that I have been worthy of their trust, their loyalty, their sacrifices, their fearlessness, their love, their respect, their peace, and their aspirations of building a great world.

In Proud Pakistan the crisis of higher education in this country can be traced back to the ban on  student union in 1984. Students were left without means to organise and demand redress for their grievances, leaving administrators in complete control.

The space that had previously been occupied by unions was taken over by the students wings of  political parties, many of them violently extremists. 

It was during the 1980s, when privatization was all the craze, that private schools charging outrageous fees while providing a substandard education began to crop up.

Public schools remained chronically underfunded, forcing parents into paying outrageous sums just to get their children education.

Clearly there is a need for change and it needs to come from the bottom up since the state has shown no appetite for tackling this crises.

That Day, Nov 30, students from around the country demonstrated across the country in the Students  Education March, hoping to spark much-needed action to secure their future and that of the generations coming after them.

RECENT STUDENT activism has gone well beyond issues of access and pointed out issues of  quality and education experience as well.

Among other things, this is an outcome of years of underfunding where the government allocates a paltry 0.3 percent of its GDP to higher education, and diverts most of what it spends to non-education expenditure.

Even if we take the most instrumental approach to education - ie as a tool of upgrading human capital and kick-staring economic growth - it is clear that the state is failing on this front.

However, recent student activism has gone well beyond issues of access and and pointed out issues of quality and education experience as well.

Curricula taught in most public, and even private-sector universities, is outdated and regressive, especially in social sciences and humanities discipline.

In public sector universities teachers teachers essentially act as education department bureaucrats, and more often than not, are undertrained and ill equipped to deal with the requirements of contemporary society [and even the labour market].

In tandem with concerns over quality, students have become increasingly frustrated with the overall material and emotional experience of higher education.

Campuses are run like prisons, with high degrees of coercion and regulation on mobility, utilisation of space, and the exchange of ideas.

Underfunded and poorly managed facilities means that a large number of out-of-town students are left to fend for themselves, largely at the mercy of an extractive marketplace.

As detailed in a recent piece by the former public sector university teacher and activist, Dr. Ammar Ali Jan, these experiences of access, quality, and coercion manifest themselves in considerable emotional anguish and anomie.

There is little to no institutional support for students s they pass through the grind of getting a degree only to find themselves  underprepared  for a shrinking and heavily stratified labour market.

To conclude this part of publishing, I must ask the Prime Minister of Pakistan H.E. Imran Khan,  The Captain, to take some time off and listen to the Students - who have long been denied any space in this country - and understand their problems so that we do not repeat the mistakes of the past.

The Honor and Serving of the latest Operational Research on Education, The Developing World and Students continues.

With respectful dedication to the Leaders, Grandparents, Parents, Students, Professors and Teachers of the world.

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