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*GLOBAL ELECTIONS*, on The World Students Society - for every single subject in the  world...............And you great students of the world?

*EDUCATION FOR EVERY SINGLE CHILD* : And Rabo will Head the effort both for the  developing world and  the world at large.

And Rabo is likely to miss nothing! And Rabo needs nuanced policies based on detailed analyses of who so many children are out of school in the developing world.

And for that pristine thought, the World Students Society stops to thank associate professor of economics Faisal Bari, LUMS.

At Proud Pakistan, Prime Minister Captain Imran Khan, in the terms of reference that have been given to the task force on education, has given top priority to the issue of out-of-school children.

The Captain wants every five-to -16-year-old in Pakistan, to be enrolled in an educational institution. This is indeed the right we have given all children in Pakistan through  Article 25-A of the  Constitution.

*An estimated 23 million children in this age group are currently out of school*.............

And at Pinterest - ''right from the beginning, this super company, did things very, very differently.''

Several ex-employees say morale would have been better if Pinterest had taken big swings on hype-worthy cutting-edge tech, like Snap's camera - embedded sunglasses, introduced in 2016.

But those glasses, called Spectacles, became a costly punch line.

And unlike most of its money-losing start-ups peers, Pinterest, with $1.5 billiion in venture backing, has flirted with breaking even in recent quarters, according to the company

What Pinterest's critics identify as negatives [conservative decision-making, less urgency, squandered opportunities], its supporters cite as positives [bullets dodged, wasted time avoided].

As a result, conversations about tend to raise fundamental questions about the nature of success in  Silicon Valley.

''I want to believe that more thoughtful, slower growth is better,'' said Tracy Chou, a former Pinterest engineer.

''But the examples that are more visible seem to suggest that really aggressive growth wins, at least in the near term.''

Investors and former executives say that Pinterest has rallied in the past year under a new chief operating officer, Francoise Brougher, and a new head of sales, Jon Kaplan, both formerly of Google.

Pinterest founders ''have this look in their eye like this is working now,'' said Mr. Belsky, the early investor.

The company has accelerated growth in users, up 27 percent over last year. More than half of all users now come from international markets.

That change happened after the company realized it needed to promote local content not what was popular in the United States, to new users in each region. [British users did not respond to American Crock-Pot recipes, it turns out].

Revenue growth is also picking up which Mr. Kaplan attributed to having the right measurement data to show brands that ads on Pinterest are effective.

The company has hired more sales people, introduced more ad options and refocused on small - and medium-size advertisers. It is preparing to sell ads in non-English speaking countries, starting with France.

The company is even trying to raise its profile a little bit, hiring a new chief marketing officer and coming up with a new marketing plan to emphasize the service benefits.

Ms. Brougher, said she, like Mr. Silbermann, prefers to under-promise and over deliver.

''But that doesn't work well in the tech world,'' she said.

Mr. Silbermann said : ''In technology, people are very, very fast to declare something a winner or loser, like -

'That'll never work, or 'That'll take over the world.' The truth is always somewhere in between.''

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