Headline September 28, 2018/ '' ' GOOGLE'S -SEARCH-SILK- GONDOLA ' ''


*ONLY A FREE MIND CAN FLY* : so goes the saying as Google celebrates 20 years of splendid work and search -

From a garage start-up in 1998 to *high-tech* giant. The World Students Society - for every subject in the world, stops, to give Google a standing ovation.

Google, all in all, has now launched an  array of offerings  including Maps, Gmail, the Chrome Internet Browser, and an Android mobile device operating system that is free to smartphone or tablet makers.

Google also makes premium Pixel smartphones to showcase Android, which dominates the market with handsets made by an array of manufacturers.

Meanwhile, it bought the 18-month old YouTube video sharing platform in 2006 in a deal  valued  at  %1.65 billion - which seemed  astronomical at the time but has proven shrewd as entertainment  moved online

GOOGLE began pumping money into X Lab devoted to technology ''moon shots'' such as Internet-linked glasses, self-driving cars and using high-altitude balloons to provide  Internet service in remote areas and locations

Some of those have evolved into companies, such as Waymo self-driving car unit. But Google has also seen failures, such as much maligned Google Glass eyewear.

Elsewhere, the Google+ social network launched to compete with Facebook has seen little meaningful traction.

In October 2015, corporate restructuring saw the creation of parent company Alphabet, making subsidiaries of Google, Waymo, health sciences unit Verily and other properties.

Google is also now a major player in  artificial intelligence, its digital assistant infused into smart speakers and more.

Its artificial intelligence rivals include Amazon, Apple and Microsoft.

Privacy Concerns : Despite efforts to diversify its business, Alphabet - which has over 80,000  employees worldwide - still makes most of its money from online ads.

Industry tracker - eMarketeer forecast that Google and Facebook together will capture 57.7 percent  US digital ad revenue this year.

In the second quarter of 2018, Google reported profit of $3.2 billion despite a fine of $5.1 billion imposed by the European Union.

Google's rise put it in cross-hairs of regulators, especially in Europe, due to concerns it may be abusing its domination of online search and advertising as well as smartphone operating software.

There have been worries that  Alphabet  is more interested in making money from people's date than it is in safeguarding their privacy.

Google has also been accused of siphoning money and traders away from mainstream news organisations by providing stories in online search results, where it can cash in on ads.

It is among the tech companies being called upon guard against the spread of misinformation - and has also been target of US President Donald Trump who added his voice to chorus of Republicans -

Who contend conservative viewpoints are downplayed in search results

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