''CRYPTO-ANARCHIST'' sees 3-D printed guns as fundamental right.

AUSTIN : The US ''crypto-anarchist'' who caused great panic this week in publishing online  blueprints for 3-D printed firearms  said on Wednesday that -

Whatever the outcome of the legal battle, he has already succeeded in his political goal of spreading the design far and wide.

A federal court judge blocked Texan Cody Wilson's website this week by issuing a temporary injunction.

Eight States had sued, arguing the blueprints could allow anyone - from a teen to a ''lone wolf''  gunman - too make untraceable, undetectable plastic weapons.

Wilson compiled with the judge's order and shut down his DEFCAD website, which he wanted to turn into WikiLeaks of Guns.''

But by then, the blueprints he had posted - after Donald Trump's administration granted him permission to publish in a settlement to end a five year legal battle - had been downloaded thousands of times.

''No matter how badly I win or lose, you can download a gun from the Internet,'' Wilson said at the headquarters of Defense Distributed, the company he runs out of a modest factory in Texas capital Austin.

''This attempt by these authorities to go into court and stifle this information drove more people to the website to download it and spread it deeper into the Internet.''

Sporting a pair of grey jeans and a dark blue t-shirt , the 30-year old with a close-cropped beard wouldn't appear out of place as a tech executive in Silicon Valley. 

The Honor and Serving of the latest Operational Research on 3-D printed guns, news, continues.

The ideology he says he is driven by a defense of the US constitution's first and second amendments- the right to free speech and to bear arms. [AFP]


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