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Dear Students and Tech workers :
Long, long years, huh?

I get it. Your industry is under siege. Whether you work at an established giant like Facebook or Google, a private company like Uber or Palantir, or lesser-known start-up, it feels as if you are being attacked from a thousand directions.

People are comparing your companies to Big Tobacco, and Congress is accusing your executives of  undermining democracy, poisoning users brains and censoring content.

*All of a sudden, Silicon Valley once the golden child of American industry - has become a villain*.

Some of the backlash probably feels excessive. After all, the tech industry still creates useful things and employs lots of decent and ethical people.

But I've talked to a number of tech workers recently, and I've seen you wrestling with your consciences. Some of you have stopped wearing your company T-shirts around town, fearing dirty looks from strangers.

Others have taken extended vacations after a particularly shameful scandal, or asked for a transfer within a company.

More than a few of you have had awkward conversation with your parents.

Here's the thing, though. You don't have to keep your concerns bottled up. You are employers most valuable assets, and your bosses are desperate to keep you happy.

As tech companies take on increasingly vital roles in global commerce and culture, you have the power to shape the way they operate and the ethical standards they uphold.

If you want to change, all you have to do is organize and speak up. In most industries, rank-and-file  workers don't have much say.

The power of organized labor in America has been shrinking since the 1980s, and other than a few notable teachers' strikes this year, large-scale collective action is rare these days.

But Tech is different.

Unlike factories or airlines, tech companies live and die on their ability to attract and retain top talent. A shortage of skilled workers has led to lucrative bidding wars, tipping the balance of power in workers' favor.

Because many of them are attracted to altruistic missions  -and unhappy or morally conflicted workers can easily find other jobs - executives are compelled to listen to them.

''Tech workers are the only point of leverage on these big companies,'' said Maciej Ceglowski, the founder of the social bookmarking service Pinboard.   

Mr. Ceglowski, who has started an advocacy organization called Tech Solidarity, said the typical instruments used to rein in corporate misbehavior - customer boycotts, share holders activism and outside regulation - aren't likely to work on the largest Silicon Valley companies.

*Instead, the change in these companies will need to come from the inside*.

''Even a couple hundred employees working in concert could bring a site like Google to its knees,'' Mr. Ceglowski said.

Some tech workers are already starting to flex their muscles. Employees of large tech companies led an effort to oppose travel ban announced by President Trump last year.............

The Honor and Serving of the latest Operational Research on Tech Industry continues. The World Students Society thanks author and researcher Kevin Roose.

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