NEW DELHI : At least 13 students / children were killed and five critically injured on Thursday after a train smashed into a small school bus in the northern India, an official said.

The students, all aged below 10, were being driven to class in Uttar Pradesh state when a passenger train collided with their vehicle at an unmanned railway crossing.

The impact of the crash lifted the bus several meters into the air, killing the 10 students instantly, district chief medical officer Akhilesh Kumar Singh told AFP.

''Three succumbed to the injuries at the hospital and five remain critical,'' he added.

Earlier this month, 23 children and four adults were killed when a driver lost control of a school bus, which plunged into a 100-metre deep gorge north of Delhi.

India is home to hundreds of railway crossings that are unmanned and particularly accident prone, with motorists often ignoring coming train warnings.

Nearly 15,000  people die on the country's railways every year, according to 2012 government report.

India has vowed to upgrade unattended railway crossings next year to reduce fatal accidents. [AFP]


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