NORTH KOREA shipped coal to Russia last year which was then delivered to South Korea and Japan in a likely violation of UN sanctions-

THREE Western Intelligence sources said.

THE UN Security council banned North Korean exports of coal last Aug 5 under sanctions intended to cut off an important source of the-

Foreign currency Pyongyang needs to fund its nuclear weapon and long-range missile programmes.

But the secretive communist state has at least three times since then shipped coal to the Russian ports  of Nakhodka and Kholmsk, where it was unloaded at docks and reloaded onto-

Ships that took it to South Korea or Japan, the sources said.

A Western shipping source said separately that some of the cargoes reached Japan and South Korea in October last year.

A security source also confirmed the coal trade via Russia and said it was continuing.

''Russia's port of Nakhodka is becoming a transshipping hub for North Korean coal,'' said one of the European security sources, who-

Requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of international diplomacy around North Korea.


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