ISLAMABAD : THIS GREAT PRESIDENT: Joko Widodo -The Indonesian President, opened his address to the joint session of the parliament with a great salutation to the nation and people of Pakistan:

Pakistan Zindabad : [Long Live and prosper Pakistan] and said that :

Wars and conflicts benefit no one while democracy was the best and only way to serve people's interests.

The Indonesian president is currently on a two-day visit to Pakistan. He is the second Indonesian president who has addressed the parliament of Pakistan, with-

Dr. Ahmed Sukarno the first president of Indonesia who addressed the National Assembly on June, 1963.

In his address, Widodo said the economy of a country or a region grows only if there is political stability and security. ''Conflicts and wars benefit no one....I repeat.......conflicts and wars will benefit no one,'' he stressed, adding-

''People, mainly women and children, always become the most impacted ones in conflicts and wars.''

Calling for end to conflicts in the countries as well as the world, the Indonesian president said, ''respect for humanity should be our lives as nations.''

He said history had taught that weapons and military power would neither be able to resolve conflicts nor create and maintain world peace.''

Emphasizing the importance of dialogue, Widodo said conflict in Indonesian area of Aceh continued for more than 30 years which was then resolved through negotiations.

''It is the habit of dialogue that makes ASEAN, the association of 10 countries in South East Asia,    able to be the engine of stability and prosperity in South East Asia,'' he said.

''We must be part of a solution and not part of the problem. Let us work together for the creation of peaceful and prosperous world in the name of all mankind living in this world,'' he concluded.

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