LONDON : Britain will only replicate the ''effects'' of the EU's customs union during transition to a future relationship when the government will sign its-

Own trade deals for the first time in 40 years. Brexit minister David Davis will say on Friday.

In a speech aimed at the Brexit campaigners who fear negotiators are being ''cowed'' by the European Union, Davis will say-

Britain can start negotiating and even sign, trade deals during the transition phase, when little will change.

Prime Minister Theresa May is coming under increasing pressure from those who voted to leave the  EU at a referendum in June 2016, with some fearing that the expected transition agreement could pave the way for Brexit in name only.

''Of course maintaining access to each other's markets on current terms means we will replicate the effects of the EU customs union during the implementation period,''  Davis will say in a speech in Middlesbrough, a town in north-eastern England.

- Agencies.


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